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 Hello to all visitors to the Lot Quotes website

Lot Quotes website contains exclusive articles and owns all rights to the articles and topics it publishes.

I want to tell you that the Lot Quotes website was called the English Joker.

The old domain for the site is ENGLISHJOKER.COM, and I still own it until now.

I decided to change the domain to suit the content from the to

The quotes on the site are written by us and we also quote them from the words of scholars, wise men, teachers, other intellectuals, and sometimes even crazy people, and from videos and live broadcasts...etc. We are not violating any intellectual property in this.

First, because I write the name of the person who said the quote

Secondly, the quotes we publish are not subject to copyright

If the quote contains copyright, please write to us and we will remove it as soon as we confirm that it contains copyright.

We write and collect a large number of quotations on a specific topic, then we write the article and publish it

Many people search for quotes for inspiration, motivation, and education, and perhaps to share them on their pages or groups and get interaction.

We always hope that our topics will be useful to the visitor and reader. This is the goal for which we write articles.

Disclaimer: I am sure that I am not violating any copyrights, and my articles are 100% exclusive, but I'am human and make mistakes. Therefore, if you find that I am violating your copyrights or the rights of another person, please write to us and we will review your message and delete what we do not own the copyrights to.

I love quotes and I love you all.